My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante package

My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante package

Ischia has been, for centuries, a home for many types of artists like painters, sculptors, musicians, poets and writers, who have found inspiration for their stories on this beautiful island.

In the last few years, the name of Elena Ferrante has gained international attention thanks to the series of books called “Neapolitan Novels”. The island of Ischia is often mentioned in the first 2 novels of the saga (“My Brilliant Friend” and “The Story of a New Name”) ,just an hour from Naples by hidrophoil and a favorite of europeans seeking thermal spas,umbrella-studded beaches,and pleasents resort towns,the refuge abounds with old school charm.
if you want we will will help you discover the places in Ischia where the lives of Lila, Lenù, Nino and Donato Sarratore are intertwined and changed forever. If you are struck with the “Ferrante Fever”, don’t miss the opportunity to come in one of Italy’s best-kept secrets!we offer a Elena Ferrante package that includes a private guided tour and creative writing class, then spend lazy hours sunbhating on maronti beach just like ferrante narrator’s does but be sure to visit the hulking medieval castello aragonese and the pastel colored fishing village of forio where the Ring hostel is located with all his beautiful beaches and hot springs. contact us for book the package at (info@ringhostel.com)

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