At Ring Hostel you can be as much of a beach chiller, snorkeler, cliff diver, hot springer, Neapolitan amateur chef, tourist or local as you like. They really care about your experience here. They ARE Ischia. Oh and their family restaurant makes the best pizza I’ve had in Italy. Don’t miss out!

Also, I think the rooms are excellent for the price. More affordable than almost anywhere in this much touristed part of Italy. Bathrooms are cleaned every day. Great water pressure.

Be sure to take some time to allow their anecdotes. They know so much about the history of the island, Italy, and the whole Mediterranean area.

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Le chiese di Ischia

Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi La chiesa con il convento sorge nel 1646, in ottemperanza ad un voto fatto dalla popolazione foriana in occasione di una pestilenza; all'edificazione partecipa la locale Università con i proventi di una tassa sul vino. Essa appartiene da sempre ai Frati Francescani, che hanno superato... Continue reading

About Ischia

Ischia is…  The biggest island in the Gulf of Naples, and is one of the most famous seaside and touristic spa centres within Italy.  The ancients called it Pitecusae.  It’s beauty has not gone unnoticed by the jet set Jacqueline Kennedy and  Liz Taylor are two who have been lured by... Continue reading